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The Pick ‘n Bag Leaf Sweeper was born out of a simple idea: get leaves from the ground and into the standard-size curbside paper leaf bags in one step. There was only one way to do that - design a product with these bags in mind.  So we built a machine, patented the process, and learned a lot along the way.  

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first generation

proof of concept machine

A first of its kind, this was the machine that demonstrated the strength of the concept. This was an exciting step, because it gave us the opportunity to experience the concept in real life and verify its usefulness. At the same time, it granted us the ability to run test after test to see what needed to be improved upon. Overall, we were extremely pleased to see the Pick 'n Bag perform the task that we set out to achieve - get leaves from the ground and into the curbside leaf bags in one step.

Version 2.0

size matters

Once we established functionality, it was time to shift our attention to reducing the machine's size and refining the design. In order to achieve acceptable dimensions, we experimented with different angles for the conveyor belt, which ultimately impacted the machine's overall length. The end result was a machine with very similar functionality that was 30% smaller and comprised of fewer parts. While performance is not of production-level quality yet, we have gained very valuable insight as to how to further improve.


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Learning about the customer was essential for us. We needed unbiased insight into not only what they thought about our concept, but also how much would they be willing to pay. The results proved that a machine that performed differently than anything they'd seen before was highly desirable. See results here

Survey conducted of 300 respondents. Participant criteria:  Homeowners aged 35-65, who own less than 1 acre in the US.



Of respondents with $75k+ household income would pay over $500 for the machine



Of respondents would be extremely or moderately likely to buy the machine



Of respondents use curbside paper leaf bags to dispose of their leaves

an uptapped opportunity

No matter where one resides in the United States, these bags line the street every Autumn. Millions of homeowners utilize them, virtually every municipality accepts them, and every home improvement store sells them. It is for these reasons that we designed this machine. These bags represent an opportunity that has yet to be fulfilled

There are roughly 40 million American households that sit on less than 1 acre, and virtually all of them experience leaves falling at the same time every year. The opportunity to present them with a brand new idea for this perennial headache is here.


Leaf Sweeper Plus Ven Diagram


If you're part of a lawn and garden company and would like to learn more, we'd love to hear from you. We are currently exploring potential licensing partners and invite you to review patent # 8,056,177 prior to reaching out.

Patent Attorney: Dale Ream
Ream Law Firm, Ottowa, KS
Machine Engineer: Paul McMahon
Ironworks Design, Vergennes, VT

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